Nb500d Synergic 500A Cc CV Pulse MIG CO2 Welding Machine

Product DescriptionHigh Efficiency NB500 500A Pulse MIG MAG CO2 MMA Welding MachineParameters and Specification INPUTVoltage3xAC380~415V 50Hz/60HzRated Input current38ARated Input power27KVADC  MMANo-load Voltage79Vcurrent Adjusting Range10~500ARated Output Current500AStart Current0-200AArcforce Current0-200ARated Duty

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Product Description
High Efficiency NB500 500A Pulse MIG MAG CO2 MMA Welding Machine
Nb500d Synergic 500A Cc CV Pulse MIG CO2 Welding Machine

Parameters and Specification
INPUTVoltage3xAC380~415V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Input current38A
Rated Input power27KVA
DC  MMANo-load Voltage79V
current Adjusting Range10~500A
Rated Output Current500A
Start Current0-200A
Arcforce Current0-200A
Rated Duty Cycle60%
CO2No-load Voltage79V
Rated Duty Cycle60%
Current Adjusting Range20~500A
Voltage Adjusting Range14-44V
Rated Output Current500A
crater-fill voltage14-44V
crater-fill current10-500A
burnback time0.01-0.5S
burnback voltage10.0-25.0V
Wire Alloy Material 
Synergic MIG or BASIC MIGall
crater modeT( no Start Current & no crater current)
or 4T( no Start Current) ,no S4(special 4 step)
gas typeCO2 or Ar
PMIGWelding Current20~500A
Welding Voltage-5.0 ~ +5.0
Rated Output Current500A
Rated Duty Cycle60%
Start(Initial) Current10~500A
Start(Initial) Voltage-5.0 ~ +5.0
crater-fill voltage-5.0 ~ +5.0
crater-fill current10-500A
burnback time0.01-0.5S
burnback voltage-5.0 ~ +5.0
Wire Alloy MaterialFe,AlSi,AlMg,CrNi,Cu
Synergic MIG or BASIC MIGonly Synergic MIG
crater mode2T( no Start Current & no crater current)
or 4T(no Start Current ) or S4( special 4 step)
gas type80%Ar+20%CO2(Fe,Cu) ;100%Ar(AlSi,AlMg) ; 98%Ar+2%CO2or O2(CrNi)

Features& Advantages

-- IGBT high frequency inverter technologies
-- Single phase power supply 220V/230V/240V, 50/60Hz
-- Nice MIG/MMA functions, Single PCB new design
-- Gas / no gas
-- Easy operation.
-- Quickly gas connector.
-- Overheating and Current protection.

Included Accessories
-- MIG Torch
-- 300A Earth clamp + 2m
-- 300A Electrode Holder 3m

Optional  Accessories
-- Argon Gas Flowmeter
-- Spool gun automatic socket & Spool Gun


1. Adjusting function for the welding voltage and welding current

NB 500D supply the adjusting range at MIG/MAG as following,
Welding voltage : 14V±3V~44V±3V use the voltage adjusting knob
Welding current : 20A~500A use the current adjusting knob
1.2 NB 500Dsupply the adjusting range at MMA as following,
Welding current : 10A~500A use the welding current knob on the panel.

2 .Adjusting function of the Arc thrusting
It has the important function to select the proper Arc thrusting for improvement of the welding
line ,control the welding splash and the steady Arc. Normally,.
If the thrusting is low ,the arc is soft and splash .
If the thrusting is high, the arc is strong and high splash.
Use the arc thrusting continuously by the control knob on the front panel of NB 500D.

3. Function of arc drawing back
Reduce the welding criterion at the end of welding line in order to fill the short coming of
welding end.
Change the knob on the welding gun ,you may get two kinds of welding criterions to fit for
different position and different thickness. Turn on the switch of :"Arc drawing back". the power now has
the function of Arc drawing back. The voltage adjusting is used by the current knob on the front panel.

NB500 Detailed

Nb500d Synergic 500A Cc CV Pulse MIG CO2 Welding Machine

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