Sany Factory was certified as the world's first lighthouse factory in the heavy machinery industry

2021-11-12 08:06:06 By : Mr. Vanko Poon

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Beijing, November 11, 2021/PRNewswire/-Recently, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos released the latest batch of "lighthouse" factories in the global manufacturing industry. Sany was listed in the drilling rig factory in Beijing, becoming the first factory among heavy equipment manufacturers to obtain the lighthouse certification.

These production workshops are called "lighthouses" and are known for being the most advanced factories in the world. Since being on the list for the first time in 2018, Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) and McKinsey Consulting have jointly selected 90 factories around the world, illuminating the road to the future, and becoming a model of the highest level of digital manufacturing and globalization 4.0.

According to the World Economic Forum, Beijing Sany stands out with the comprehensive application of the latest technologies such as advanced automation, human-machine collaboration, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies, increasing productivity by 185% and shortening production lead time by 77% (from 30 to 7 days). 

Sany Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Sany’s digital transformation has promoted the establishment of a new subsidiary, Sany Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., which is pushing Sany Group to complete its mission of becoming a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing.

As early as 2019, when the existing drilling rig factory was upgraded to the industry's first world-class lighthouse factory, there was no precedent-Sany Heavy Industry has no precedent to learn from, and existing technologies or suppliers can rely on. As a result, Sany Robotics Technology was born under the background of Sany's digital transformation. Through in-depth participation in the conceptual design, technical verification and construction phases, Sany Robotics has grown with the rebirth of the drilling rig lighthouse factory.

Along the way, Sany's newly established Robot Technology Division has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs. Examples include three-dimensional steel plate warehouses, 5G AGVs (automated guided vehicles) for loading and unloading heavier and longer (27 m) materials, automatic assembly and welding of materials in narrow spaces, and coordinated welding of large slots through multi-robots with laser sensors.

From logistics, warehousing, material preparation, welding, processing, assembly, painting and other entire manufacturing cycles, intelligent operations are realized.

The latest technological update is a new intelligent storage system based on AR and voice recognition technology. Now, picking and distribution tasks are assigned to workers through their AR glasses, and they can effectively handle tasks by issuing hands-free voice commands.




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