IGBT inverter MIG/Arc dual function welding machine MIG/Arc-250y

Inverter MIG Welding Machine Product Characteristics:*CO2 shielded welding machine Apply to thin,medium and thick sheet which is more than 0.8mm.*Saving cost,promote efficiency,improve welding quality.*MIG welder easy to operate,econom

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Inverter MIG Welding Machine Product Characteristics:
*CO2 shielded welding machine Apply to thin,medium and thick sheet which is more than 0.8mm.
*Saving cost,promote efficiency,improve welding quality.
*MIG welder easy to operate,economical and practical.
*High welding speed and high rate of arc starting.
*Automatic compensation of electric network voltage fluctuation,stable current.
*Apply to weld carbon steel,alloyed steel,mild steel etc,can use many kinds of welding wire.
*Little spatter,deep welding pool,esthetic shaping of welding seams.
Input power Voltage Frequency(V,Hz):AC380(three phase)±15%,50/60
Rated input power capacity(KVA) :8.3
Rated output current(A):250
Rated output voltage(V):26.5
Duty cycle (%): 60
Output current range.(A):  50-250
Output voltage range(V):16.5-26.5
Insulation class:F
Case protection degree:IP21S
Overall dimension(mm):580×385×495 
Feeding speed(m/min):2.5-13
Type of wire feeder:Build-in
Diameter of the wire feeder(mm):270
Post-flow time(S):1±0.5
Power factor (COSφ):               0.93
Earth wire(mm2):6
Welding thickness(mm):>0.8
Diameter of welding wire(mm):>0.8/1.0
IGBT Inverter MIG/Arc Double Funtion Welding Machine MIG/Arc-250y
IGBT Inverter MIG/Arc Double Funtion Welding Machine MIG/Arc-250y

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