DC inverter TIG-200p AC/DC welding machine stable and reliable TIG welding machine

AC DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine product Characteristics:*Adopting PWM control technology,constant current,accurate current control.*High frequency arc starting,no matter the current is high or low,the arc starting rate high.*

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AC DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine product Characteristics:
*Adopting PWM control technology,constant current,accurate current control.
*High frequency arc starting,no matter the current is high or low,the arc starting rate high.
*DC AC tig welding machine steady welding current,esthetic shaping of welding seam.
*Adjustable pulse current and pulse frequency, apply to many kinds of welding technology.
*ACDC tig welder one machine serves several purposes,saving the welding cost.
*The machine can automatic welding,Optional cycling water tank.
*Can be used to weld aluminium, stainless steel,carbon steel,alloyed steel,copper,titanium etc. 
Model:AC DC TIG-200P
Input power voltage frequency(V,Hz):AC220(single phase)±15%,50/60
Rated input power capacity(KVA):4.5
No-load voltage(V):56
Output current range.(A):  20-200
Rated output voltage(V):18
Duty cycle (%)(25ºC):60
No-load loss(W):40
Efficiency(%): 85
Power factor (COSφ): 0.93
Insulation class:F
Overall dimension(mm):498×328×302
Case protection degree:IP21S
Pre-flow time(s):0-2
Duty ratio(%):  20-8
Current down-slope time(s):0-5
Post-flow time(s):2-10
Remote interface:without
AC welding thickness(mm):     0.5-5
DC Inverter TIG-200p AC/DC Welder Stable Reliability TIG Welding Machine
DC Inverter TIG-200p AC/DC Welder Stable Reliability TIG Welding Machine

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