Brazed ring brown gas welder

The data sheetModel NumberOH1000AC Voltage Requirement (V)240PhasesingleRated Power(KW/h)5V 60AMax Gas Output1000L/hMax. Working Pressure (kg/cm 2 )2Max. Water Consumption (L/h)0.53Water FeedmanualMax. Flame Modifier Consumption (L/h)0.2Flame Modifier FeedmanualDimensions - L*W*H (mm)800*720*880Gross Weight (kg)90Ventilation Spa

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Copper Welding Ring Brown Gas Welding Machine
Copper Welding Ring Brown Gas Welding Machine
Copper Welding Ring Brown Gas Welding Machine
Copper Welding Ring Brown Gas Welding Machine
Copper Welding Ring Brown Gas Welding Machine
Copper Welding Ring Brown Gas Welding Machine

The data sheet
Model NumberOH1000
AC Voltage Requirement (V)240
Rated Power(KW/h)5V 60A
Max Gas Output1000L/h
Max. Working Pressure (kg/cm 2 )2
Max. Water Consumption (L/h)0.53
Water Feedmanual
Max. Flame Modifier Consumption (L/h)0.2
Flame Modifier Feedmanual
Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)800*720*880
Gross Weight (kg)90
Ventilation Space Requirement (mm)200 in each direction

Product Description
1. What is oxy-hydrogen generator(HHO generator)?
It consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into H2 and O2, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing acetylene or natural gas or other fuel. It can be used for welding, heating, flame polishing, glass processing and jewelry processing.

2. Why we used oxy-hydrogen generator?
1) Maxumum safety-no gas cylinders
2) Environmentally Friendly-oxyhydrogen combustion only water vapor
3) The cost of electricity and water reduces more than 40% compared with acetylene flame.
4) Low Heat Dispersal-2800 degree temperature and concentrated oxyhydrogen flame 
5) Excellent welding and cutting quality.
6) Portable, flexible and movable.

3.Application for Welding Industries
Oxyhydrogen flame ideal for:
1)OEM, transformers and power generators;
2)electric motor and power generator repair shop;
3)electric motor work shops;
4)large air conditioning supplies;
5)solar collectors;
6)manufacturing of large statues;
7)manufacturing of trophies, chandeliers, statues and other brass articles etc;
8)gold silver platium jewelry welding and repair;
9)musical instrument welding & repair;
10)others copper welding & soldering
 Other Applications:
1)Welding: Copper, , Gold, Silver, Iron, and Tin
2)Heating: Glass and any metal
3)Flame polishing: Acrylic, Plexiglass

4.Oxyhydrogen Features and Advantages
1). Safety Oxy-hydrogen just uses water and electricity, no gas bottle, no hydrogen gas storage, no leakage and explosive danger.
2). Convenience it can work just with water and electricity, every litre water can be used 7~8 hours. But Liquid gas bottle need to be changed by manual moving, it is very inconvenient.
3). Cleanliness Oxy-hydrogen combustion just produces little water vapour, there is no harm to the pharmaceuticals. But Liquid gas combustion produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen compounds which will impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals.
4). High Efficiency The speed of Oxy-hydrogen Flame welding method is higher than Liquid gas's.
5.Machine accessories for free:
Torch and nozzle: 1 set
Soft pipe: 2m
Flame arrester: 1 unit

6.Video demonstrations
1)Videos for welding demo: jewelry welding,electric motor welding and brazing,copper welding
2)How to install our OH machines?
click or copy the link for video play:

Shipment and Package
About shipping We have long-term cooperated shipping counrier providing one-stop safety and quick shipping service.
Flexible Shipping method by international express(DHL,Fedex,UPS etc),by air,by sea as your requirement.Or using your shipping forwarder.
About Package Standard export package,1set/carton;For industrail larger machine,1set/woodern pallet;

Okay Service
1.24hour online chat,email or phone support for inquiry,technical and after-sales service;
2.Warranty:1year.(The core part of machine for 1year.The other parts of machine for half of year in addition to human damage; trade assurance service(Protection buyer's payment regarding on-time delivery and product quality.)

Company Introduction
Okay Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers in producing oxyhydrogen generator for over 10 years, we have autorized CE,ISO9001,TUV,FCC certificates and our own patents.We provide the best service and high quality products to our customers. If you have any questions, pls don't be hesitate to contact us.
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