Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Fire restrictions on WGFD Commission owned lands - Natrona and Converse counties

2022-07-30 03:49:14 By : Mr. Peter Lv

Casper - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has issued fire restrictions on all lands owned or managed by the Game and Fish Commission in Converse and Natrona counties.  The fire restrictions are in conjunction with fire restrictions issued by the BLM in Converse and Natrona counties, and are effective immediately. Under these restrictions, if in an area that allows fires, campfires must be contained within a fire ring centered within a minimum of a 15-foot radius cleared of all burnable materials.  Charcoal fires are permitted within enclosed grills.  The use of acetylene cutting, electric arc welders, or metal grinding must be conducted in a 15-foot radius cleared of burnable materials.  The use of portable stoves, lanterns using gas, jellied petroleum, pressurized liquid fuel or fully enclosed stove, and open-fire branding activities also must be contained within in a cleared 15-foot radius.  The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission also prohibit the use of fireworks on all its owned and managed lands at all times. These restrictions are in effect on all Game and Fish Commission-owned and managed lands in Converse County, including Bixby Public Access Area. The following public access areas in Natrona County do not allow fires at any time of year: Badwater Ranch, Flying “A” Ranch, and North Platte River access areas including Pathfinder Ranches, Lusby, By The Way Ranch, Sechrist, Schmitt, Hartnett, Wyoming Flycasters Memorial, Jessica’s Pond, Speck/Bessemer Bend, Robertson Road, Paradise Valley, and Mills Bridge.  The following public access areas in Converse County also do not allow fires any time of year: Big Muddy Pond, Big Muddy Bridge, Deer Creek Canyon, Rabbit Hill, Dave Johnston, PacifiCorp, South Douglas, and Orin Junction Bridge.    For more information, visit the Game and Fish fire ban web site or contact the Casper Region Game and Fish Office at (307) 473-3400.  

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